How It Works

What happens when you pair older adults with children?
In short, Magic!!

The relationship between younger and older generations has historically benefited both groups on various levels. Closing the generational gap between these two groups can benefit society as a whole.

The grandchildren experience improved social skills and more consistency in their daily lives, which can aid them in succeeding academically and avoiding harmful influences. Similarly, grandparents are frequently healthier, less lonely, and more engaged socially.

Older generations educate the younger ones on what to expect in the future and guide them so they can live their best lives. A younger individual can assist an older person in breaking out of their regular routines by encouraging them to be a little more daring. Relationships between generations display a cyclical pattern of love, care, and support.


4Impact Pillars of Sustainability achieved through our 4Goals

Focusing on one community at a time, Hands 4Life helps restore and protect the fragile senior population in the neediest places around the globe. We strive to reduce elder abuse, neglect, and abandonment by:
a. Educating family caregivers. We equip families with the knowledge and skills to care for their aging family members in their homes.
b. Meeting the essential needs of the elderly who need care and have no one to help by providing shelter, food, clothing, and access to health care.
c. Caring for people’s spiritual and physical needs from womb to tomb.
d. Creating jobs. We support the local economy by using local businesses and resources and hiring locally. Statistics show that a family with financial security will have a less stressful home, decreasing the risk of abuse and neglect.
e. Championing the rights of the elderly by educating the public, developing best practices and advocating for high-quality care.

We aim to improve human welfare by ensuring our projects tackle food supply, clean water, and sanitation issues. Self-sustainable systems like aquaponics and hydroponics are important because of decreasing food security. The systems can be started with minimal equipment in nearly any environment, making them one of the most efficient ways to create a reliable food source. The Hands 4Life architect and interior design team use the latest in biophilic design.

Generational change is a driving force behind Hands 4Life, as seen through our community outreach program and the children in the Hands 4Life family. We support caregivers by equipping them with educational resources that are distributed by church leaders, short-term missionaries, and trained medical professionals. The children residing in the intergenerational home are also introduced to these
educational resources and have exposure to a mentorship program. We aim for generations to understand the circle of life – the young are to care for and respect their elders.

Inspired by the pursuit of creating self-reliance, the aim to stimulate the economy is achieved by hiring indigenous people and utilizing local sourcing for the majority of the operations and goods required. Additionally, for the economic betterment of the children we serve, job skills training and mentorship programs are an integral part of our model. The hope is this exposure will encourage the children to
cultivate their potential and give them opportunities for financial stability.