Become An Ambassador

We believe that connectivity is key; therefore, we welcome your efforts to raise awareness & spread the word on our unique work.


Do you love to do research? Are you a skilled grant writer? Or are you analytical? Come help Hands 4Life find, receive, and track grant money.

Media & Communications

Whether you’re telling stories through digital media, web design, photography, writing, videography, or social media, the field of media and communications is a crucial part of sharing Hands 4life.

Professional Services

Your skills in areas like water projects, farming, social work, health care and education, or engineering can transform communities and create opportunities to share the good news of jesus.


Partner with us, and help restore hope through the power of prayer!

Will you join us in prayer as we ask the Lord to open hearts to the Gospel, bring peace to His people, and bless the work of Hands 4Life?

Being a prayer warrior for the cause of the two vulnerable generations is a powerful weapon in bringing healing to our broken world.

Host a Facebook Fundraiser

Fundraise for Hands 4Life

Join the Hands 4Life Ambassador Team!

By fundraising for Hands 4Life, you become part of the solution for change.
By sharing our mission with your family and friends, you allow them to impact the lives of two generations – the young and old.

It’s easy:
Start a Facebook Fundraiser and ask your social network to support Hands 4Life.
Share your fundraiser and be sure to tag us so we can support you too!

Serve on a mission

Always wanted to have a life-changing experience? Join us on a trip to Nigeria or Honduras to see firsthand how the gospel transforms lives.

Contact us to learn more about an upcoming trip.

Legacy Fund

Hands 4Life is dedicated to safeguarding the organization’s future and enhancing its ability to assist those from womb to tomb. For our mission to be preserved over the long term, we established the Hands 4Life Legacy Fund. Investing in this Fund makes a greater impact on people’s lives, speaks up for the voiceless, and assures that the cycle of life continues.

We encourage you to look into ways to contribute while reducing your federal income taxes.

New legislation signed into law permanently extends the Charitable IRA Rollover Donation into future years. This special provision of H.R. 2029 allows taxpayers aged 70 1/2 and older to gift up to $100,000 per year from traditional Individual Retirement Accounts and Roth IRAs.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, the Charitable IRA Rollover Donation is an excellent way to gift all or a portion of your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) to Hands 4Life.

Many of our partners are suspending their monthly contributions to make a single annual IRA commitment. Federal income taxes are not applied to your donation since it is made directly from your financial institution to Hands 4Life.

Moreover, unlike other taxable distributions from your brokerage accounts, this gift will not appear on Form 1099-R. Donors who are not able to itemize their deductions or deduct charitable contributions from their income also could benefit from this.

To explore these benefits further, please contact us. There is no commitment, and all information is strictly confidential.