Intergenerational Campus

Intergenerational Home

Hands 4Life establishes one-of-a-kind intergenerational educational campuses worldwide. The purpose of the campus is to pair orphaned children with orphaned seniors to create a unique new family. The grandparents impart their wisdom to the grandchildren, and the children learn to respect and honor their elders.

The intergenerational home on the campus shares a common dining room and space for multi-functional activities such as crafts, movies, and birthday celebrations. The kids have their own section of the home where laughter and fun can be enjoyed, but their missionary parents enforce quiet time for study. The adjacent assisted living quarters provide the grandparents with round-the-clock care.

The campus is where two generations come together, where love, culture, happiness and life are shared.

Intergenerational Home

Is designed with biophilic principles and has a culture that results in a happier, healthier and more productive life for the family.

The Pavilion

Is where the two generations gather for outdoor meals, worship, and activities. The grandparents sit in the rocking chairs and watch the grandkids play.

The Career Development Building

Is where the grandchildren are taught by the grandparents their trade. The kids learn woodworking, jewelry making, textile skills, and art. The grandparents feel a great sense of purpose in sharing their skills and take pride in teaching craftsmanship. The children learn a trade they can use when ready to begin their adult life.

The Missionary Dormitory

Is where local, missionary and TeleMed doctors serve our campus family and staff, along with our community outreach families.

The Clinic

Is where local, missionary and telemed doctors serve our campus family and staff, along with our community outreach families.


The soccer field with a track rounds out the campus. The kids can burn off energy, and the grandparents have a safe place to walk on the track.


The campus has plenty of space for aquaponic farming, fruit trees, crops, and various farm animals. The kids work the land if they have expressed a passion for getting their hands dirty. Those teens who are more of a salesman learn how to sell the abondance of the goods to local markets and restaurants. The lessons to learn are focused on sustainability, earned income, and developing business skills in order to be a productive member of society.