Why Do We Do It

Why Seniors

When older adults live in poverty, without the basic necessities of life and family support, their risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation increases.

In some developing countries, older widows are abandoned, and their property is seized. In other places, older widows are accused of witchcraft if there is an unexplained death or crop failure in the community.

There is a lack of education on the aging process and diseases, for example,  if a person has Alzheimer’s, they may be thought to be possessed by a demon.

Younger generations are fleeing the country for better opportunities, leaving the elderly behind in deteriorating rural homesteads.

Who is caring for this vulnerable age group?

Why Children

By holistically pouring into the youth, we rewrite their narrative. Instead of becoming victims of human trafficking and gangs, the children are empowered to become successful contributing members of their society.

Why intergenerational relationships?

The solution is generational change by pairing the old with the young. The seniors impart their wisdom to the children, and the children learn to love, respect and care for their elders.

Grandparents pass on their trade, giving them purpose and the children learn job skills. Grandparents pass on the culture, history and wisdom to the children, teaching respect and honor. The children learn life skills, discernment and an understanding of the world around them.

Why this is important

We educate the younger generation on the circle of life – caring for those who cared for you. The focus is not on housing people or providing for their needs, but teaching and equipping them to care for their elders with honor and respect.